Kensy Joseph
Kensy Joseph

Kensy Joseph SJ

I’m Kensy Joseph. I was born in Kuwait of Indian parents in 1980 and I entered the British Province when I was 27. Six years after joining the Jesuits, I am now in the first year of the Bachelor of Divinity programme at Heythrop College, University of London.

When I first realised God might be calling me to the priesthood and the religious life, I was surprised! In search of deeper meaning than I found in the corporate life - I studied engineering at university, and worked in business consulting and banking prior to entering the Society - I looked to spirituality and philosophy. In the process, I began to feel the call of God to another way of life. It was some friends of mine (members of other religious orders, in fact) who suggested I might look at the Jesuits. As soon as I’d spent some time with Jesuits and found out more about the history and spirituality of the order, I was hooked.

St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis Xavier, St. Pierre Favre and the other founders of the Society were men of great passion and desire – the passionate love of Jesus Christ and the desire to serve Him in His Church wherever they could, however they could. If you discover that passion and desire in yourself, you should definitely take a look.

You don’t have to like, or be like, every Jesuit you meet. You only need to see yourself fitting in. God doesn’t call us to be something we’re not.