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Cardinal Nichols

Cardinal celebrates mass for Heythrop 400

24 Jun 2014
Cardinal Vincent Nichols celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving on Saturday to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the foundation of the college by the English Jesuits at Louvain in 1614.

Deaths of two celebrated alumni

22 Jun 2014
Deaths of architect Bernard Kaukas (OI) and Francis Matthews (Captain Scarlet and Paul Temple).

Heythrop’s 400th anniversary conference: Day 2

21 Jun 2014
The second day of the Heythrop 400th anniversary celebrations started early on Friday morning with Mass at Farm St Church celebrated by Fr General Adolfo Nicolas SJ who had travelled from Rome for the occasion.

Heythrop’s 400th anniversary conference: Day 1

20 Jun 2014
The 400th anniversary of the foundation of Heythrop College was marked on Thursday by a prestigious international academic event. Fr Michael Holman SJ opened the conference, reminding delegates that the Jesuits operated “arguably the largest education network worldwide”. Heythrop itself is the longest established Jesuit education institute in the world.

Heythrop celebrates 400 years

19 Jun 2014
Heythrop celebrates 400 years with the conference 'For the Greater Glory of God and the More Universal Good'.

General in Britain for College Anniversary

18 Jun 2014
Fr General to celebrate Mass at Farm Street on Heythrop anniversary visit.

Queen honours Old Aloysian

18 Jun 2014
The Queen has awarded a CBE to Old Aloysian and former Chair of Governors of St Aloysius College, Glasgow, Dr Frank Dunn.

Finding God in the 'mess' of violence in Kenya

17 Jun 2014
Peter Knox SJ on the work of the Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations in Hekima College in Kenya.

Prayer, peace and poverty

16 Jun 2014
Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin Welby meet in Rome to recommit to the struggle against modern slavery and human trafficking

Hear the Good News - as the disciples heard it

13 Jun 2014
Scripture scholar Father Nicholas King SJ has brought the Bible to life – not only in written form but now in a series of CDs of the Gospels. On the recordings, Fr King reads from the New Testament – just as Jesus’ followers would have heard it: with passion, humour and deep faith, from his own unique translation.


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