100 Short, Sweet Sermons

Fr Gerald O'Mahony SJ has compiled 100 of his short sermons that have now been published by Kevin Mayhew with the title: One Hundred Sermons - Short & Sweet. They are intended for use by both congregations and preachers.

A short and sweet sermon is a concise, encouraging word about a Bible passage that has come up in the readings of the day. Lightweight sermons are meant to be brief, with a punch and usually just one main message. 

100 Sermons

“The idea of publishing these sermons is first of all for the reader to enjoy them and perhaps see the relevant Scripture passage in a new light,” he says. “A minister or preacher may wish to borrow a thought or a prayer, or the whole sermon and use it with another congregation.”

Having been originally delivered live to a congregation, these sermons are written-up from memory and are therefore a little more formal than the original spoken word, according to Fr O'Mahony. Bible quotations are limited to one or at the most two for each short sermon, although there are usually several more unmarked Bible references in each. Included at the back of the book are an index of Scripture references and a thematic index to aid study.

Fr O'Mahony was born in Wigan, Lancashire and joined the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) at the age of 18. He taught at St John's Beaumont and Beaumont College before being ordained to the priesthood in 1964. Fr O'Mahony directed the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius at Loyola Hall, Merseyside and has been a member of the team of advisers in religious education for the Archdiocese of Liverpool. He is now based at St Wilfrid’s Church in Preston.