Support a Jesuit, change a life

Ordination of Kensy Joseph and Philip Harrison 2018

There are so many stories of people whose lives have been impacted by the work of the Jesuits, in the UK and throughout the world.

You may have experienced a positive change in your life because of a Jesuit or Jesuit-ministry. It might have been when you were at school, in church, during a retreat,or a story you heard. Which Jesuit or Jesuit work has impacted your life the most? Could you support a Jesuit this Advent and change a life? 

Support A Jesuit this Advent

Today, as we approach Advent, we invite you to reflect on a Jesuit who has touched your life as a teacher, chaplain, retreat director, parish priest, or perhaps as an inspiration through their work with people who are marginalised or seeking God. 

Here are two names among many you might recognise – Jesuits who in different ways have touched many lives.

Fr William Pearsall SJ


Fr William Pearsall SJ has inspired many people from all walks of life.  He has worked as a street pastor for the homeless and in parishes in Glasgow and Paris before following a long line of distinguished Jesuits as parish priest at Farm Street Church in Mayfair. In 2013 he moved to Manchester as part of the Chaplaincy team where he was popular among students. He now a parish priest again, this time at the Sacred Heart in Edinburgh. The friendship, kindness, hope and peace Fr William extended to all those he met have inspired many to seek God. 

Geoffrey Wheaton SJ


Fr Geoff Wheaton SJ was an economics teacher for many years.  After doing an MA in Art History he changed the focus of his ministry to deepening people’s relationship with Jesus Christ with the aid of the wonderful images in painting, frescoes, mosaics, sculpture and stained glass from the catacombs to the present day. He gives lectures and courses on Scripture and Art around the world and last year began recording a series of praying with art reflections on YouTube which have brought his inspiration to new audiences. Many have confessed to having their prayer lives revived through praying with art. 

We ask you to make a donation to support a Jesuit or a Jesuit ministry. Your donation today will enable the Jesuits to continue their work and inspire the lives of many more people.

Support a Jesuit and change a life

The Jesuits’ mission is made possible through the kindness and generosity of our friends and benefactors who support us through their prayers and gifts. Support us today.

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