Art auction at Jesuit church raises thousands for charity

Over £5,500 has been raised at a charitable art auction at Farm Street Church in Mayfair, with the proceeds going to three charities: Westminster Lourdes Pilgrimage, Aid to the Church in Need, and Safe Passage.

Eight artists came together at the invitation of John Woodhouse, a retired librarian, organist, choirmaster, artist and parishioner at Farm Street. The impetus for the auction was to help refugees crossing the Mediterranean and sick pilgrims wanting to travel to Lourdes. 

John said: “I was absolutely appalled when I heard about babies being taken across the sea in open boats which could possibly sink – and I felt I had to do something about that.”

The auction was well-attended with parishioners and art connoisseurs bidding hundreds of pounds for individual paintings. One of the paintings sold was by Andrew White, Artist in Residence at Farm Street Church. You can find out more about Andrew's work here

This year’s Westminster Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes marks the 30th anniversary of the pilgrimage which is scheduled for the last week of July. More details here.

Farm Street Church already has a close connection with Aid to the Church in Need. In November last year a shrine was set up inside the church displaying sacred items which were desecrated during the ISIS incursion into Iraq and Syria. To find out more about the charity click here.

Safe Passage was set up in 2018 and has already helped over 1,800 child refugees reach safety. To find out more about this work click here.