BBC Sunday Worship at St Aloysius Church this Sunday

Jesuit priest, Fr Dermot Preston SJ, will be co-presenting the Sunday morning worship on BBC Radio 4 this coming Sunday from St Aloysius Church in Glasgow. Here are some more details from Fr Dermot about the broadcast: 


The idea underlying the broadcast is to start the preparation for Pentecost which is in a couple of weeks time; so there is a Holy Spirit emphasis to the final weeks of the Easter story. 
The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit is the narrative spine of the service. Dr Alison Jack, a scripture scholar from New College is the co-host, so between us we reflect on the seven gifts (which are rooted in Isaiah 3.1-3) using poetry, prose, music, prayer and personal reflections. 
Because it is not a set 'liturgy' in the Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Church of Scotland, it allows us to use the flexibility of the programme to draw from the richness of the various Christian traditions.  
Unlike a live broadcast where the congregation is assembled and the trick for the producer is getting everything right in the moment, in this case the pre-broadcast editing is the key and the broadcast itself is simple! People recording is various places in Scotland can be quite trixy!
Radio and Television religious broadcasting have become very important for Sundays during lockdown - streaming is good for those who have internet, but there is something different about creating a space where hundreds of thousands of people can pause and pray together from across the UK. It is quite a precious privilege to be welcomed as a stranger  into a home, at a rather intimate time of day, and to speak to the people who are there in the informality of their Sunday mornings.  
For those interested in watching the broadcast, click on this link