Godtalk: Wanted by God


peace and love

In the Book of Wisdom we find a most encouraging sentence: 'Lord, you love all that exists, you detest nothing you have made, for had you hated anything, you would not have made it.’ Wisdom 11.22f

God made us, and God doesn't make junk.  God created the world in love and holds everything in existence through love.  God has loved you and me into existence because he wants us individually, personally, eternally.  As he has made us all different, we have the privilege of doing something with our life for God, which no one else can do.

God despises nothing he has made.  Neither should we. 

However difficult we may find some people, we can never deny that they have been made in the image of God.  However tiresome they may seem to us, we cannot judge how they look to God, how they fit into the Divine Plan.

We can only pray that the Holy Spirit may be gradually working through them as the Spirit does through us, so that they too may come to change into a more faithful likeness of God.  St Luke gives us an example of someone who certainly needed to change. Luke 19.1

Zacchaeus had made his money by very dubious practices.  He was rich in material things but poor in the quality of his relationship with others.  Yet the moment he saw the truth in Jesus, he realised the truth about himself.  As he opened his heart, the Lord came immediately to him.

In this sense, Zacchaeus stands for all of us.  At Mass, Christ is present sacramentally, wanting to be part of us to be at home with us.  Once we accept that we may not feel any different.  Change takes time  unnoticeably.  When we look at the trees we see only green.  The colour has certainly changed by October but no one sees the change happening.

Peter Kott SJ