Campion Lecture 2019

James Keenan SJ
James Keenan SJ
Campion Hall will be pleased to welcome Fr James Keenan, SJ for the 2019 Campion Lecture, entitled "Exploring Vulnerability: Theological Ethics Today".
Over the past 15 years, Catholic Ethicists like Enda McDonagh, Vincent LeClerq and Linda Hogan have advanced an ethics of vulnerability. Keenan argues that with migration, climate change and contemporary political leadership the world is at risk so issues of vulnerability and precarity should be at the heart of our discussion. He concludes with 2 cases: how medical ethics embraced vulnerability and how church reform could.
The lecture will be followed by Q&A. All are welcome to attend. 
Please email with any queries or see the Eventbrite page for details and free tickets (registration not required).
Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 17:30
Pichette Auditorium
Pembroke College
United Kingdom