Did you like 'Messiah' on Netflix? Then this might interest you

Will he con/vert you? This is the strapline for the hit Netflix show Messiah.

The main character, ‘Al-Masih’, seems to be the Second Coming of Jesus. His sudden appearance in the middle of the Syrian civil war and apparent miracles spark a global following. On his tail are two intelligence officers - one CIA, one Shin Bet - working together to prove Al-Masih is a conman.

In the wake of the dramatic finale (no spoilers here!), some fans of the show have speculated that Al-Masih could in fact be ‘Al-Masih ad-Dajjal’ who in Islamic eschatology is comparable to the Christian understanding of the Antichrist. You will have to watch the show to make up your own mind what is going on.

Wherever the next season of Messiah takes us, it has already asked some fascinating questions about the nature of Abrahamic religion today, how we view prophets, and the ties that bind / divide us.

Jesuit priest, Fr Peter Randall SJ, will be in discussion with two highly regarded Muslim scholars on this fascinating subject. Unfortunately, tickets are already sold out, but we will share details from the talk with you soon.

Fr Peter said:

“Whatever analysis of scriptures and creeds we present at the event, we believe that God has a purpose and plan. It is his plan, not ours, and the Second Coming of Jesus will be in God’s time. There may be many images of this in our scriptures, but the gentlest came to me from a wise brother Jesuit at Winckley Square. When I told him about the event, he said: ‘remember the Good Samaritan’.”