How can I find out what records you hold?


At present the Archive relies on an index card system. The Archivist can make scans of relevant cards available to be consulted remotely or these can be viewed in person when you visit. The Archive is currently working on producing a catalogue of the collection, but this will take some time. As material is catalogued it will be made available online at the Catholic Heritage website.

What do I need to bring with me when visiting?

  • In order to protect the original documents pens are not permitted and only pencils may be used.
  • You may use a notepad or laptop. Power supplies and Wi-Fi are available in the search room for your use.
  • If you require photocopies you will also need to remember to bring some money with you see What will I need to pay to use the archives? to find out more about charges that may apply during your visit.
  • You may use a camera to photograph some documents. See Can I take photographs? for more guidance about using a camera in the archive.
  • Although you may have your mobile phone with you please have this switched on silence or off so that you do not disturb other users.
  • Please note that you may not take food and drink into the reading rooms.

What will I need to pay to use the archives?


Visiting the Archive is free of charge, but if you would like to make or receive copies of records a charge will apply. A list of charges is set out below:

Self Service Photocopying       20p/sheet

Services by Archive staff:
Enquiries (beyond a basic search)    £35/hour

There may also be a charge if you wish to publish records from the Archive but this will vary depending on the nature of the publication. For advice on publishing contact the Archivist.

Can I take photographs?

Yes, but flash photography is not permitted as this may disrupt other users. Prior to taking photographs you will need to complete a form, which you can obtain from the Archivist. Please note that permission for taking photographs is given under the condition that this is for your private research purpose. It is your responsibility to clear any copyright restrictions with the relevant copyright owner (the Archives are not necessarily the owners of copyright even if they hold the original document). The Archivist may be able to advise you on copyright if you should require assistance with this. 

For some further guidance see the  Rules for Reproduction.pdf.

What does a limited research enquiry include?

This can vary depending on the nature of the enquiry, for example we are able to provide some basic biographical information such as date of birth, entrance to the Society, ordination and death and potential an obituary for deceased Jesuits of the Province. We are not however able to carry out in depth or obscure research which would require more than a reasonable amount of time (c.30 minutes) unless payment was made for such work. Payment would not guarantee a result as we can only supply information that is held. If you are uncertain whether your enquiry would require a more detailed search contact the Archivist to discuss this. The Archivist will always advise researchers whether we are able to assist with an enquiry and whether a charge will apply prior to doing such work.