Former Superior General of the Society of Jesus dies

Fr Adolfo Nicolás SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus between 2008 and 2016, died on 20th May 2020 in Tokyo. He was 84 years old, and had been ill for some time.

Fr Nicolás was born in Palencia, Spain, in 1936, and entered the Jesuits in 1953. He was sent to Japan while in training, later working as a professor of theology there before becoming Provincial. He then moved to the East Asian Pastoral Institute in the Philippines before being elected General at the 35th General Congregation in 2008. He retired from that position in 2016.

In a tribute, the present Superior General, Fr Arturo Sosa, spoke of “the personal style with which Father Nicolás exercised authority – always full of warmth, goodness and joy”. He quoted a prayer which Fr Nicolás had written during his annual retreat in 2011, which ends “Enlighten our minds and our hearts, and do not forget to makes us smile when things do not go as we wished. At the end of the day, of each one of our days, make us feel more united with you and better able to perceive and discover around us greater joy and greater hope.”

May he rest in peace.

Here is a video about Fr Adolfo which may interest you -