Gender pay equality report 2020

The Jesuits in Britain have just published information comparing what it pays to its male and female employees in line with its legal obligations.

In April 2019 the Jesuits in Britain employed 362 people, of whom 256 (71%) were female. This is similar to the April 2018 figure, when we had 346 employees, of whom 249 were female (72%).

The large percentage of female employees reflects the high number of women teachers employed by the Jesuits in Britain in primary education at Donhead Preparatory School and St John’s Beaumont.

Jesuits themselves are not employees as they receive no salaries.

Employee roles break down roughly as follows:

  • School staff at Donhead and St John’s Beaumont Preparatory Schools (teaching, pastoral and domestic) – 154
  • Healthcare staff in two of our communities for elderly and infirm Jesuits – 56
  • Staff at our Head Office (including Arcvhives) – 18
  • Domestic staff in our communities – 13
  • Staff in apostolic works e.g. Jesuit Refugee Service, Jesuit Missions, spirituality centres - 121

The information (below) reveals that on average, men are paid 1.6% less than women, with the middle-placed man paid 6.9% less than the middle-placed woman.

This is quite a turnaround, especially in respect of average pay. Last year, it was found that on average men were paid 3.8% more than women – now they are being paid less. Last year, the middle-placed man was paid 3.0% less than the middle-placed woman.

As the proportion of men in our workforce is 29%, the chart at the bottom shows that proportionately more men are represented in three of the pay quartiles, with the exception being in the upper middle quartile. 

It continues to be our view that the data is skewed by there being relatively few male employees, preventing this exercise from comparing like with like.

Living Wage Foundation

The Jesuits in Britain are an accredited Living Wage Foundation employer which commits us to paying a minimum hourly rate to those aged 18 or over of £10.75 per hour in London and £9.30 elsewhere in the UK.

This is above the government’s so-called living wage with the UK rate £1.09 per hour higher than the government minimum wage (for over 25s) and the London living wage £2.54 per hour higher.

The Jesuits in Britain believe that all employees should be paid at a rate which allows them to live a decent life. The Jesuits in Britain have no employee bonus schemes.