Heythrop and St Mary's consider 'strategic partnership'

The governing bodies of Heythrop College and St Mary’s University are considering forming a ‘strategic partnership’. In a statement issued on 14 July 2014, Fr Michael Holman SJ, the principal of Heythrop College, University of London, said that the Jesuit college is investigating how it can sustain and develop its important mission in the changing environment of higher education in the UK.

“Heythrop and St Mary’s have much in common,” said Fr Holman. “They share a strong Catholic tradition, identity and ethos and are both London based. They have a long and rich history of serving the Church and wider society, at home and abroad, and over the years have collaborated on a number of projects. “

Fr Holman added that if the colleges agree to proceed with a partnership in the interests of both institutions, any changes would come about through careful negotiations; these would take time to implement. “This would allow for a period of transition for all involved,” he said. “Whatever the outcome of its discussions with St Mary’s, Heythrop will of course fulfil existing commitments to present and incoming students working towards University of London degrees.”

Heythrop College was founded by the Society of Jesus in Louvain (modern day Belgium) in 1614, for the training of Catholic priests. St Mary’s College (now University) dates back to 1850 when it was established as a Catholic teacher training college.