Ignatian day at Hurtado

The fight against indifference:

The Hurtado Jesuit Centre will offer an Ignatian Day, in which the life of  of St Alberto Hurtado and St Ignatius will be explored. At 10:30 there is a talk “Alberto Hurtado: the fight against indifference” followed by a reflection.

Lunch wil be at 12.30.

After lunch, at 13:30 there is a  film screening of "Ignacio de Loyola", directed by Paolo Dy. The movie is about the conversion and life of St Ignatius.  For more information email hurtado.jesuitcentre@gmail.com

The feast of St Ignatius is 31st July.




Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 10:30
Hurtado Jesuit Centre
2 Chandler St
United Kingdom