An interview with the organist at Farm Street Church

Hannah meeting friends outside the abandoned building in Bihać where they sleep.

Interview with Hannah Perry – Organist at Farm Street and Travel Blogger (pictured in Bosnia)

Radio Maria England is a non-commercial private initiative within the Catholic Church, which seeks to offer its listeners an opportunity to pray, to learn and to celebrate with the Church. Each day the station broadcasts the daily Church liturgy, the Mass, and the Holy Rosary. The station also provides teaching and catechesis covering faith and social issues, programmes focusing on human and social development, and news from across the world.

Father Sam Randall, priest director of Radio Maria England, interviews Hannah Parry who was the organist at Farm Street Parish in London before the pandemic began earlier in 2020. She shares her experiences playing the organ at Farm Street and other churches. She also shares her experiences traveling to Mexico, Bosnia and Calais. She shares her experience supporting the refugees in Calais and the friendships that are made through working with others with the same goal to support others. She shares how she is still helping make Christmas Cards to refugees in Calais to let them know that they are loved and wanted.

Padre’s Hour is Broadcast Mondays at 11:00, Tuesdays at 21:00, Wednesday at 09:00, Fridays at 02:00 and Saturdays at 17:00. This episode will begin to be broadcast Monday, December 21, 2020. Hannah’s blog is: 

Full details about how to listen to the interview can be found here.

[Photo credit Kristian Skeie]

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