Jesuit Institute

Jesuit Institute
St John's Beaumont
Old Windsor
United Kingdom

The Jesuit Institute is a partnership of Jesuits and lay people which provides inspiration, training and resources for Jesuit schools.  The Institute runs a programme of conferences for heads and school leaders, teachers, and pupils, with the aim of supporting them in the articulation and living out of their identity and mission as Jesuit schools.  It also generates and commissions resources for schools. 

In addition to the schools of the British Province, the Jesuit Institute works with Jesuit schools overseas, and with other Catholic and Christian schools also.  It provides help and resources to schools which are seeking to explore their identity and mission by finding ways of ensuring this shapes and informs the daily activity of the school community.

The eleven schools of the British Jesuit Province continue a tradition of Jesuit education begun in 1548 with the founding of the first Jesuit school at Messina in Sicily.  The schools are a mixture of state-funded and independent, boarding and day, primary and secondary, spread across the UK.  They educate some 6,500 pupils (ages 3 to 18), both Catholics and from other faith traditions and none.

Jesuit education is about “improvement in living and learning for the greater glory of God and the common good” (St Ignatius).  The schools aim to form young people who are intellectually competent, who develop a strong sense of virtue and conscience, and who put their talents and energies at the service of others, especially the poorest and most marginalised in society.

Jesuit schools are known for striving for excellence in all they do, for providing outstanding pastoral care, and for being places where the gospel is lived in word and deed and Christ is proposed as the best way to live a human life.

Director: Adrian Porter SJ