Jesuit Pupils - Growing in Virtue

The Jesuit Pupil Profile
The Jesuit Pupil Profile

Designed by the Jesuit Institute and launched in all Jesuit schools in the UK in autumn 2013, the Jesuit Pupil Profile has three distinct aims:

  • to produce a statement of the qualities which pupils in Jesuit schools should seek to develop.
  • to produce a profile that describes the whole process of a Jesuit education at each stage.
  • to create a usable and identifiable image which complements the formal statement:   this is in the form of a WORD TREE made up of eight pairs of VIRTUES that sum up what pupils at Jesuits schools are growing to become.

The image and the statement are designed to provide a rich resource to stimulate discussion in class, assemblies, retreats and liturgy, in meetings of governors, with school leaders, teachers, support staff and parents and which can be used to explain to prospective parents the aims of Jesuit education.

As the new autumn terms begins, we asked Sarah Young, the lay chaplain at Stonyhurst College  how the Pupil Profile is being received by pupils there.  Sarah reports,

“The Jesuit Pupil Profile (JPP) is now well embedded in the language of Stonyhurst and is relevant to every age group, being used right across the campus.

It informs our Staff induction and is being worked into the language of our prayers which are used on Monday mornings for the whole school.

It is very accessible for all, wherever they are on their journey of faith. The presence of the goldfinch in the JPP ‘tree’ (see if YOU can find it!) attracts attention and opens up the opportunity to speak of Christ in a gentle way and how he embodies the virtues of the JPP.

There will be significant focus on this in our forthcoming whole campus mission in November.  Our theme is 'Let your Light Shine' we will explore how when a person embodies the virtues of the JPP they will indeed go out into the world and be a beacon of light.

We hope to create a community sculpture of the tree which every member of the community will contribute to - but we have no idea how this will play out!”

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