Jesuit Refugee Service UK launches Lent appeal

Jesuit Refugee Service UK has launched a Lent appeal asking supporters to help provide for the ongoing needs of the day centre in Wapping. Here is a message from the team:

A safe and comfortable space is rare for many of our refugee friends who are homeless and whose accommodation often changes unpredictably. Our staff and volunteers are available to chat with them at the day centre, providing hospitality, advice and emotional support.

It is thanks to your generosity that the day centre is open each Thursday and helps 200 people – all of whom have been left completely destitute by the UK asylum system. We provide small cash travel grants for bus passes, toiletries, a hot meal (prepared by volunteers), and a place to relax.

We also provide opportunities to learn new things. These include cookery and art classes which give our friends an outlet to express themselves and feel empowered during a difficult and often overwhelming time in their lives.

Please donate today to ensure JRS UK can continue to accompany, serve and advocate for our refugee friends through the day centre.

Donations can be made by clicking here.