Jesuits agree wider mission in communications with Vatican

The Vatican's Secretariat for Communications and the Society of Jesus have signed a convention through which the Society makes itself available to the apostolic mission of the world of communications. The secretariat was formed in 2015 as part of a wider curial reform, putting nine different entities into one structure, including L'Osservatore Romano, Vatican Radio and the Vatican publishing house amongst others. The popular twitter account @pontifex, and the Vatican website were also put under the remit of the secretariat.  Based in Rome its offices are at Palazzo Pio, Piazza Pia 3.  Italian Monsignor Dario Edoardo Vigano, the prefect of the Secretariat signed the convention with, Fr Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves SJ, the delegate of the Society of Jesus.

"Times change," declared Fr Alves. "It is part of the vocation of the Society of Jesus to serve the Church, as the Church requests. Our contribution in the field of communications makes us happy because we can contribute to the reforms desired by the Holy Father." Msgr Viganò also relayed the gratitude and satisfaction of the pope for this new form of collaboration within the reform process. 

The new convention was signed at an auspicious moment claimed Msgr Vignano, "This signing comes only a few days after the 100th birthday of Fr Stefanizzi SJ."  He was referring to an Italian Jesuit who was the Director of Vatican Radio during the years of the Second Vatican Council.  The council had attracted unprecedented media attention to an event which needed to be represented to people who understood neither Latin nor theology. “Fr. Stefanizzi knew how to mediate what happened in the council room with what people needed to know, so as to avoid a double reading of ‘inside' and ‘outside' the council, often highlighted by both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis," Today, Fr Stefanizzi lives at the Jesuit residence in Rome for the elderly and infirm, one of the oldest members of the community there.

Msgr Vignano also expressed gratitude, both his own and that of the whole dicastery, to the Society of Jesus, with which, during the last year and a half, a process of discernment had took place about the Jesuits' presence within the field of communications.