Jesuits & Friends Spring edition published

Cover of Jesuits &Friends spring 2019

The Spring edition of Jesuits & Friends magazine has been published and is available in our parishes, schools and spirituality centres.

The cover image shows children at the Early Development Centre in Maban, South Sudan, a project supported by readers of Jesuits & Friends via Jesuit Missions in the UK.  Paul Chitnis, Director of Jesuit Missions, recalls his recent meeting in nearby Cuiebet with Fr Victor-Luke Odhiambo SJ, a Jesuit who has dedicated the last ten years striving to rebuild the war-torn community, and how he learned only two weeks later of the Jesuit’s murder in his own home.

The magazine also features a meditation by Geoff Wheaton SJ on Mironov’s painting The Unbelief of St Thomas, part of his popular series of YouTube videos on Praying with Art.  In the continuing series on how aspects of the Jesuit Pupil Profile are being put into action in our schools we shine the spotlight on St Ignatius College, Enfield. There are also thoughts by scholastic Joel Thompson SJ on Guyana’s preparations for the Synod for the Amazon due to take place this October, and updates from JRS, including troubling insights from the JRS detention visiting team about the plight of victims of human trafficking in detention.

As the Editor of Jesuits & Friends, Fr Paul Nicholson SJ, puts it in his editorial,  “You’ll find many examples of dedicated service in these pages. Most rely on your support to be able to reach out to those most in need. It is my privilege to be able to thank you here for that support, show you something of what it has achieved, and invite you to continue it into the future.”

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