John Cowdall awarded the Campion Medal

This year's Stonyhurst Great Academies, on the 26th May, saw a special award presented to John Cowdall, longstanding Chair of Governors at Stonyhurst College, by Fr Provincial Damian Howard SJ.

"The Campion Medal is awarded by the Jesuits in Britain to those men and women who have most closely collaborated in its mission with a spirit a generosity for the glory of God and the common good," said Fr Damian. "It is with sincere gratitude that it is presented this year to John Cowdall, in recognition of his longstanding and dedicated service to the Stonyhurst family."

The Campion Medal was instituted in 2003 on the occasion of the bi-centenary of the refoundation of the English Province of the Society of Jesus. The medal was struck in December 2003 at the Tower Mint London for the Feast of Jesuit priest and martyr St Edmund Campion.

The observe face of the medal presents a contemporary engraving of Edmund Campion with the date of his martyrdom 1581. The reverse face of the medal presents the traditional monogram of the Society of Jesus: the first three letters in Greek of the holy name of Jesus (IHS) surrounded by the sunburst.

The legend reads for the glory of God and the common good and comes from the Formula of the Institute of the Society of Jesus written in 1540 by St Ignatius Loyola and confirmed by Pope Julius III in 1550. The Formula of the Institute is the foundation document of the Society of Jesus setting out its mission and spirit.

The St Edmund Campion Medal is awarded to individuals whose life and activities have outstandingly exemplified the service of faith and promotion of justice – ideals championed by St Edmund Campion and embedded into the Jesuit philosophy of education. It was the first one to be awarded by Fr Damian, the new Provincial.

Congratulations to John Cowdall, and what an honour for Stonyhurst to have been such a significant part of his journey as he steps down from the role of Chairman of Governors, which he has held for the past ten years.