Learning an Ignatian leadership style

“On behalf of all of us from the Mount, we would like to thank everyone for their warm hospitality,” said William Yacomeni, Deputy Head Boy of Mount St Mary’s College, at the conclusion of the Jesuit Student Leadership Conference. “We learnt a great deal.”

The conference, which ran from Wednesday 26th September to Friday 29th September, was held at the Jesuit summer house in the tiny hamlet of Barmouth, North Wales. Nearly 20 student leaders from St Ignatius College (Enfield), Stonyhurst College (Lancashire), Mount St Mary’s College (Sheffield), Wimbledon College, St Aloysius College (Glasgow), and Cardinal Griffin Catholic College (Cannock) attended.

Fr Adrian Porter SJ hosted the conference and the talks alongside Fr Tim Byron SJ.

Whilst at the conference, the students were taught in great depth about some of the key Ignatian values on the Jesuit student profile, such as discernment, attentiveness and compassion.

The idea of personality types was extensively explored, and each student did a Myer-Briggs personality test to determine their own personality types. A wide range of different identities were represented, so it was especially helpful to be taught how to incorporate all of them in one single organised team.

In addition to these in-depth discussions about the nature of leadership, the students were given an ample amount of free time to explore the beaches and streets of the historic Welsh town of Barmouth.

At the end of the conference, the students used their newfound wisdom to create projects that will be implemented throughout their own schools.