Remember the Jesuits in your will

Two Jesuits are ordained

Thank you for considering this way of sharing your love of Christ.

For nearly 500 years the work of the Jesuits at the frontiers of the church has been powered by gifts and bequests from faithful, generous and visionary people.  Your love and support over the years makes you a part of our long history of service to the church.

Why leave a gift in your Will to the Jesuits?

By leaving a gift in your will to the Jesuits you will ensure we continue to:

  • provide daily prayer resources to people in Britain and around the world, drawing them closer to God
  • enable people to draw closer to God in our parishes and retreat centres
  • help people make sense of their faith in this world through our online journal
  • guide young people in our schools, colleges and university chaplaincies on the path of faith
  • accompany displaced and disadvantaged people in the UK and around the world through Jesuit Missions and Jesuit Refugee Service.

Anne, one of ur supporters, explains why she has left a gift in her will for the Jesuits;

"My faith is my most precious possession. I want to hand it on, especially in our secular age when the spiritual dimension is largely ignored. Through prayer, reflection and research I discovered or rather re-discovered the Jesuits! I already knew of their epic achievements; their heroic testament to the faith in previous centuries." Anne Read more

Some of our work

How to include the Jesuits in your will?

If you have decided to leave a legacy for the Jesuits, thank you so much. Here is what you will need

Suggested wording and codicil

If you do not yet have a will and would like to include a gift to the Jesuits visit the suggested wording and codicil page for guidance.

Free Will Offer

For a limited time only, we are offering to have your will drafted for free. Find out more


For a list of commonly asked questions and types of gifts you can leave in your will, visit the FAQ's page. 

If you have already left a legacy and would like to let us know, please fill out this form. I've already left a legacy.

If you would like to receive a booklet with more information about leaving a legacy to the Jesuits in Britain, please fill out the form below.  If you would like to be contacted by phone to discuss your intentions please leave a contact number.

You can also contact us on telephone number 020 7499 0285 and email

Jesuits in Britain is part of Your Catholic Legacy, a group of 27 Catholic charities working to inspire and encourage people to leave a gift in their wills to a Catholic good cause.

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