Living Theology York 2019 - Open Talks

“Children of Abraham” - Interfaith Topics    
[Living Theology York, 2019, with The Newman Association]

Our Open Talks

In addition to our courses, we are delighted to welcome speakers to give us two Open Talks, one each day, to which all are invited.  These talks will complement our courses, in content and delivery.  They will give a different focus for each day, and supply a different leaven to our study.

Each Open Talk is scheduled from 11.45am to 1pm, and then our speakers will join us for lunch. 

On Saturday, we welcome Ms Frances Smith, who will give an illustrated talk entitled

‘Islamic architecture in Spain’

Frances was a Social Worker for over 25 years, then in 2005 she retrained as a Teacher of English as a Second Language.  Subsequently she has lived, worked and travelled in Spain, and she has become an enthusiast for - and is passionate about - Islamic Architecture.

She says:  “Islam arrived on the Iberian Peninsula in 711AD.  My talk, with photos, focuses on the architecture of al-Andalus in Cordoba, Toledo, Zaragoza, Seville and Granada.  The principal features of different architectural gems in these cities will highlight points of historical, design and decorative interest.”

On Sunday, we welcome Dr Geoffrey Turner, who will speak on

‘Psalms, the Prayer of the Synagogue and Church’

He will be giving: “A contextual introduction to help both readers and worshippers increase their understanding of the Psalms.”

From 1987 to 2005, Geoffrey was the Head of Theology at Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds (now Leeds Trinity University).  An author and reviewer, he is now retired and freelancing.  He was the Secretary of the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain (1992-2005) and then its President (2005-2007).  He still represent the CTA on the committee of the European Society for Catholic Theology. 

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