Pray As You Go comes to the Middle East

An Arabic-language prayer app inspired by Jesuits in Britain has launched this week

It is a collaborative effort between Christian Life Communities and Jesuits working across five countries and offers similar content to Pray As You Go, the app launched by Jesuits in Britain in 2014 (which now has 100,000 monthly subscribers worldwide).

Inji Fayez (President of Christian Life Community in Egypt), is one of the coordinators of the new app:

“Christian Life Community in Egypt and the Jesuits in the Middle East were involved in putting this app together with the help of lots of friends and choirs from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. We pronounce the app in Arabic as “Fi Tariqi Osally”, which means ‘On my way, I pray”. We would like the world to know that everyone involved in this project is doing it totally voluntarily with lots of love and passion and that we are feeling God’s blessings in every step.” 

Emma Holland, who produces Pray As You Go, said:

“We are thrilled that Fi Tariqi Osally has joined us as the tenth language version of Pray As You Go. The successful launch is the result of many countries working together at a time when the need for collaboration is most critical.”

Those wanting to listen to the app can do so here: