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Emma Holland

Hello! I’m Emma the Producer of Pray As You Go. I record and put together the daily reflections and extra resources on our website, podcast and app. I have just completed a full liturgical year here at Jesuits in Britain and I have been hugely blessed with a role that gives me the opportunity to use my experience, passion and faith to help people meet with God all over the world.

Before starting at Pray As You Go in June 2015, I was busy getting my MSc in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics, and before that, a BA in Theology from Heythrop College. Whilst all that might sound a little academic-heavy, a lot of my background is also in music. I have worked as a freelance session singer and songwriter for various composers, DJs and charities which has formed a love of a wider variety of music in me. Getting to compose a song for a children’s choir in Uganda with Jubilee Campaign has certainly been a highlight! My experience as a worship leader in Anglican churches from a young age has helped me recognise the important role that music has in drawing closer to God.

Over the past year, working for Jesuits in Britain has been an amazing experience. The Jesuits themselves, and the team they build around them, are all highly creative and full of ideas, which makes it a great environment to grow the ministry of Pray As You Go.

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