Pupils' purple day for Zimbabwe

Purple was the colour of the day at St Mary’s Hall this week. Pupils at Stonyhurst’s prep school abandoned their school uniforms in favour of an article of clothing in the seasonal colour of Lent to show their support for children at their partner school in Zimbabwe.

Children who took part in the non-uniform ‘purple’ day each wore a splash of purple and paid £1 to support their Companion school near Harare. The £400 raised will help to buy text books and other teaching materials.

Samantha Aido from Jesuit Missions came to Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall to speak to the children about life in Zimbabwe. Jesuit Missions encourages schools in the UK and African countries to cooperate with each other and to promote social justice through the Companions Programme, an initiative which forges links between students in Jesuit and Catholic schools around the world.

“By joining forces, schools can learn about each other’s work towards creating a fairer world,” Samantha explained. She was presented with a scrapbook all about life at Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall, made by the children, which will be taken to the children in Zimbabwe.