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Unity through variety: Pope Francis in Turkey

30 Nov 2014
Pope Francis has spent time in 'silent adoration' at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and prayed for unity with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

South African Jesuits' power warning

28 Nov 2014
The Jesuit Institute South Africa says the country faces an energy crisis which will have serious socio-economic implications for South Africans.

College 'not surprised' at Shakespeare find

27 Nov 2014
Stonyhurst College responds to the discovery of a Shakespeare First Folio in St Omer.

Photos: future hope for refugees

26 Nov 2014

Photography enables asylum seekers to feel they have a future and to have hope.

Advent Retreat in British Sign Language

25 Nov 2014
The launch of the British Sign Language Advent Retreat 2014

Europe's responsibility to the 'whole person'

25 Nov 2014

Pope Francis has stressed the cura personalis – the care of the ‘whole person’ – in his address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Old Aloysian swears in Scotland's First Minister

24 Nov 2014
Old Aloysian Lord (Brian) Gill has sworn in Nicola Sturgeon as Scotland's First Minister.

Millions flock to venerate Xavier's relics

24 Nov 2014
The relics of St Francis Xavier are on exposition in Goa from 22 November 2014 until 4 January 2015.

Companion for new Liturgical Year

21 Nov 2014

As we approach the start of a new liturgical year, The Way is publishing a revised version of

New edition of Jesuits and Friends and a new Editor

21 Nov 2014

The 89th edition of Jesuits and Friends has been published so if you are on our mailing list you should be receiving it very soon, or it is already with you.


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