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A reflection on the season of creation

09 Sep 2020

“If nature survives, adivasis will survive and if adivasis survive, nature will survive.” - this quote is from Dayamani Barla, an indigenous woman environment ac

Being created

08 Sep 2020

In 2020 there is no task more urgent for Christians than to understand that we are creatures – and to take action accordingly.

Three men of faith take First Vows

07 Sep 2020

Two British Province novices, Dunstan Rodrigues and John Bosco Noronha, and a Sri Lankan, Thiranjala Weerasinghe, took their First Vows in Birmingham last Saturday.

The conductor making all the difference

03 Sep 2020

Dane Lam began by giving us an insight as to what a conductor actually is.

Glasgow playwright reflects on lockdown

28 Aug 2020

Michael John O'Neill gave us a really illuminating account of his work during lockdown, and some reflections on the world of theatre production that had real resonance for other communities

The JRS mission for reconciliation in the Central African Republic

28 Aug 2020

Reconciliation is a central focus in the strategic framework of the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS).

East Timor: A Land of Challenges for the Jesuits

28 Aug 2020

It was a long-anticipated a

Earth Overshoot Day 2020

21 Aug 2020

Life felt unencumbered as we washed and sliced the carrots, cucumbers and courgettes that had been harvested that afternoon.


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