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Companionship in a time of uncertainty

24 Jun 2020

At the end of February, Jesuit Novices Dunstan Rodrigues and Sam Dixon were sent on an 'experiment': a six-week experience of ministry.

Asteroid under his belt - eminent Jesuit astronomer has galactic rock named after him

23 Jun 2020

Fr Chris Corbally, 74, is a British Jesuit originally from London but has worked at the Vatican Observatory since 1983. He has just had an asteroid named after him.

Dr Lorna Gold's talk - learning from Laudato Si'

18 Jun 2020

Dr Lorna Gold transported us back six months to pre-covid days with a timely reminder that we were already in crisis, watching forest fires raging and water levels rising.

Farm Street Church reopens for private prayer

17 Jun 2020

Fr Dominic Robinson SJ, priest in charge, said:

Finding God online in the new edition of Jesuits & Friends

17 Jun 2020

Articles in this latest edition of Jesuits & Friends includes:

Companionship in a time of uncertainty: At the end of February, Jesuit novices Dunstan Rodrigues and Sam

Being Church in a time of converging crises - Learning from Laudato Si'

12 Jun 2020

Lorna Gold is an important voice within the Catholic climate movement in Ireland and around the world.  

The Pope, the pandemic, and the people we leave behind - book tickets for this free online event

10 Jun 2020

Join Sarah Teather, Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service UK and Pope Francis biographer and journalist, Austen Ivereigh, for a special refugee week conversation, reflecting on

Sarah Teather, Director of JRS-UK

Refugees in a time of pandemic - a talk by Sarah Teather

10 Jun 2020

Sarah Teather’s talk at the Lauriston Jesuit Centre began with words from Pope Francis that we are called to see the face of Christ who pleads with us for help among those who are fleeing or suffe

Jesuits in Edinburgh take a knee in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

09 Jun 2020

The photo shows members of the Edinburgh Jesuit community adding our prayer and a public gesture of solidarity to the “Black Lives M


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