Try an online retreat

During Lent and Holy week the Pray as you go Stations of the Cross are a popular way for people to pray through the journey of Jesus' last days as they find time in their own lives. They are available on Soundcloud or on their website.There is also a retreat focused on Mary, and is called Living the Magnificat.

Pray as you go and Sacred Space collaborate on prayer material for Lent and Advent. Pray as you go also produces other resources to aid your prayer life along with the daily prayer it normally produces, you will find these in the Go Deeper part of the site. 

Try a one day retreat

The Mount Street Jesuit Centre in London offers a Saturday retreat each month. 2015-16 dates :   December 12, January 9, February 13, March 12, April 9, May 14, June 11, July 9.

Try a short retreat

St Beunos Jesuit Spirituality Centre

St Beuno's Jesuit Spirituality Centre in North Wales offers a range of shorter retreats.  There is a weekend retreat 4-6 December.  Other weekend retreat dates for 2015 are: 18-21 December.  St Beuno's is our main centre for residential retreats.  

The Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Glasgow is offering a non-residential Lent retreat in daily life on Mondays from 1 February-14 March 2016, and a Easter retreat in daily life on Thursday afternoons from 14 April-26 May 2016.

Some reflections by recent retreatants

Jesus at the piano

At my first one to one meeting with my spiritual director I said that I found prayer difficult, that I didn’t sense that Jesus was near, that it was a very ‘dry’ experience. So he asked me on what occasions I felt taken out of myself, out of the present.  Music has always done just that, lifted me out of and beyond my normal, humdrum existence and I have always enjoyed playing the piano.  So he asked me to go and play the piano, imagining Jesus sitting at my side.  Strangely, this seemed quite natural and I played Jesus a piece I was learning, by Schumann. This is quite a passionate piece, but it’s also quite easy to let it run away with you.  So I tried to keep it in check.  However, at the end, Jesus asked me to play it again – ‘properly’.  I knew what He meant – just let rip! So I did.  Afterwards, I turned to Him again and felt that He said, quite simply, ‘That is how I want you to live’.

Don't hold back

I went into the week holding back, deciding that if ‘I had to do it’ then I really wasn’t going to fully do it. However, as the week progressed, and I met with my spiritual director, I felt the barriers slipping and God doing his work (I can’t say that at times this didn’t seem really scary). Until, on the last day, I was on a real high, people even wondered if I was intoxicated as I was so overcome with peace and love. For someone who went into the week deciding it was just going to be something that happened, it was a real shock to be the loudest person in the week saying what an amazing experience it was. 

Read a longer version of this reflection on our blog