Rupert Shortt in conversation at the London Jesuit Centre

Rupert Shortt
Rupert Shortt in conversation about his book 'Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good?'

About this Event

Are the world's major spiritual traditions sources of greater discord than harmony? Or are conflicts that are widely blamed on faith differences fundamentally social and political? Rupert Shortt sheds light on the contrast between good and bad religion and on why the distinction is of urgent relevance in an era increasingly characterized as post-secular.

Rupert Shortt is religion editor of The Times Literary Supplement and a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. His books include Benedict XVI (2005), Christianophobia: A Faith Under Attack (2012), Rowan's Rule: The Biography of the Archbishop (2014), God Is No Thing: Coherent Christianity (2016) and Does Religion Do More Harm than Good? (2019). His latest book , Outgrowing Dawkins: The Case against Dogmatic Atheism, is published later this year.


The format of Good Books events is 20-minutes of the author speaking about the book, 20-minutes in discussion with two expert interlocutors, and 20-minutes in conversation with the audience.

The evening begins at 7.00pm at the London Jesuit Centre.

Admission is free but by ticket which can be booked here -

The interlocutors in conversation with Rupert Shortt will be Dr Theodora Hawksley (London Jesuit Centre lead on theology) and Fr Damian Howard sj (Jesuit Provincial).

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - 19:00 to 21:00
London Jesuit Centre
114 Mount Street
United Kingdom