St Beuno's updates from the director

St Beuno's director Fr Roger Dawson SJ has recently written about the latest news and projects currently happening at St Beuno’s on Pathways to God:

Two new team members have been appointed as Trainee Spirituality Workers. Shona Cahill has just started at Easter and Sister Josephine Badali will start in July. Both of them completed the Ten Week course in Spiritual Direction last year and the team looks forward to welcoming them soon.

There had been three building projects running in the last few months. At the end of March, works were in progress for the conclusion of the ensuiting of Priests Gallery (2nd Floor) and the newly refurbished Rhewl Cottage was proving popular. This means St Beuno's has now an extra 12 ensuite rooms in total.

Some of the essential stonework repairs to the fabric of the building have also continued. In Roger Dawson's opinion, "the stonemasons are unsung heroes, in that they are master craftsmen whose beautiful work is often hidden in inaccessible places, and of course also keeps the building upright and watertight."

Purcell’s Architects have now submitted their masterplan for the development of the building and this is currently being considered by the Province Trustees. "There are some big (and expensive) decisions to be made," says Fr Roger, "but I am very happy with the imaginative proposals that they have made and their sensitive understanding of St Beuno’s. I will present these plans at the next Friends’ Weekend in April."

Lastly, some major work on the woodlands that surround the house and grounds are on the plan at the moment. Fr Roger says "it is striking that there has really been no significant work carried out on the woods in the last fifty years and so I asked for a tree survey to be done recently and for the drawing up of a plan for improvement of the beauty of the grounds, wildlife conservation and safety. As a result of this, we will be doing some major work of felling and thinning in the late spring, which I am told is messy and noisy and ‘it looks worse before it gets better!’"

"The plan, of course, - he continues - is to improve the already beautiful grounds both from an aesthetic and environmental point of view, to open up the views of the Vale of Clwyd, support local wildlife and to start to plant more trees for the future. I’ll tell you more about all this in a future newsletter."

Many joined the spirituality centre for Easter. To all, Fr Roger wished a blessed Holy Week and to be back at St Beuno's soon.

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