St Ignatius parish in Stamford Hill raise £10,000 to feed the homeless

The project, which has been running for many years, evolved from the start of the Covid pandemic into a weekday lunch service for up to 100 homeless people, many of whom are Polish immigrants and others who have “fallen through the aid cracks” without any regular means of support. 

The project, which relies on donations from Caritas Westminster, from the Lottery Fund, from the Felix Project and from other organisations, as well as direct support from St. Ignatius Parish, is run under the guidance of a paid member of the parish staff who organises the buying, the cooking and the serving. With two helpers, she also assists the homeless with clothing, legal advice and other pressing concerns.  

Fr. Andrew Cameron-Mowat, Parish Priest writes:

I asked the leader of the Polish part of the parish, Fr. Mateusz Konopinski, to make a direct appeal to the Polish community, and in conjunction with the appeal at Christmas to the rest of the parish the response has been overwhelming. Considering the significant hardship, both economic and personal, faced by most of our parishioners because of Covid as well as Brexit, their response has been miraculous. As a result, we can continue the project in its present form through to April at least.

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