St Joseph's RC Primary School

St Joseph's RC Primary School
Whalley Road
Hurst Green
United Kingdom

It is apparent to all who enter our school that St Joseph's is a Jesuit Catholic community where the teachings of Christ are followed. Every child, member of staff, parent and visitor is treated with respect. As a school, we are proud to serve our parish and the community by giving our pupils the very best start in their education. Our Jesuit identity is clear to all who visit.

Our children's wellbeing and development is at the heart of all that we do. Our very experienced staff is dedicated to their task of caring for our pupils and providing an innovative and stimulating curriculum. Our partnerships with parents and the wider community are an integral part of our curriculum. Visitors are encouraged and help to provide our pupils with a wide range of experiences. Specialist music, language and sports teachers are used to develop our pupils' skills and learning.

Head: Mrs Elizabeth Stevens

Tel: 01254826246