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  • Part 3 of The Spirit of Jesuit Education

    Teachers and Chaplains talk about our schools today and alumni of Jesuit schools talk about what their education has meant to them.

    The Jesuit Education Institute
  • Making the right choices, an Ignatian guide

    A Prezi from the Jesuits in Britain on Making the right choices Ignatian style.

    Student Spiritual LifeAn Ignatian way to decide
  • The Secret of Pope Francis

    What is the secret to Pope Francis' success? How is it relevant for us?

    How the example of Pope Francis can help us keep our faith. 



    Tips for students
  • The Olive introduces... St Ignatius Loyola

    31 July is the Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus. Do you know much about his life? If not, this, um, Spanish olive, has something to tell you.

    This fun video, which is actually quite informative, was produced and narrated by Jason Kapell under the auspices of Fairfield University Media Department.


    The Life of St Ignatius
  • The Manchester Central Foodbank

    A short Documentary about a local food bank and the dramatic effects and increase of poverty in the UK. The chaplaincy team started the only student led foodbank in the country. Featuring William Pearsall SJ assistant chaplain and Joey Ferringo the General Manager of the foodbank.


    Manchester Chaplaincy
  • Jesuits On...Ignatius of Loyola

    A brief beginning of an introducton to the life and conversion of St Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus. 

    Produced by LoyolaProductions, a Jesuit Production Company.

    Ignatius of Loyola
  • A Year with the Jesuits

    In this documentary "A Year with the Jesuits" film-maker Dominic Hartley examines the work of the Jesuits from the jungles of Guyana to the townships of South Africa. He travels to St.Ignatius' birth place in Spain and provides a potted history of the organisation. Originally released in 2007, the film has even more relevance today with the recent election of Pope Francis, himself a Jesuit.

    What is a Jesuit?Our work
  • Ignatius of Loyola, A Portrait

    Opponents and admirers alike sketch this founder of one of the most important Catholic orders of religious as the very image of the proud, even mythical, knight, who with ironclad self-discipline is capable of undergoing any hardship. They portray him as the stern soldier, who hardly ever shows emotion and who shapes his adherents into an elite force. On the other hand, Ignatius is seldom counted among the great mystics of the Church. Yet he is one of the most profound mystics. The dynamism of his spirituality and journey of faith has transformed the lives of countless people...

    His pilgrimageFoundation