Application process


When the Vocations Director confirms that the time has come to apply to the Society of Jesus, you will then be considered a ‘candidate’.

During the stage of candidacy you will be:

  • Invited to make a silent retreat of up to eight days
  • Given a Jesuit Spiritual director with whom you can meet once a month
  • Encouraged to visit Jesuit communities to get to know the Jesuits and the work of the Society better
  • Invited to the novitiate to see what the life of the Jesuit novices is like



Applying to the Society involves:

  • Completing an application form and writing a 2000 word autobiography. 
  • A first interview after which 4 references are taken up
  • A psychological assessment
  • A second interview (individual meetings with four interviewers) 
  • A meeting with the Provincial