Book suggestions

Hearts on FireHearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire is a collection of prayers and reflections composed by Jesuits across the centuries. Here you will encounter the spirit of St. Ignatius and his companions, men who are moved by a deep devotion to Christ, to Our Lady and to the service of the Church, most especially in her outreach to the poor and afflicted of our world. This collection will offer inspiration and consolation.




How to choose your vocation by Fr Steven WangHow to discover your vocation

This is a wonderfully down-to-earth guide from Fr. Stephen Wang of the Westminster Diocese. Full of helpful advice, it also includes inspiring anecdotes from men and women who have explored or are still exploring their vocation, whether to religious, priestly, married or single life in the Church. A very good book indeed for beginning your exploration of vocation.




God still matters by Herbert McCabe OPGod Still Matters

God still Matters is one of three collections of the talks and homilies of the Dominican philospher and Theologian, Herbert McCabe. If you want to really think about what you believe and why, then you couldn't find a better writer to stimulate your reflection.





Examen Prayer by Timothy Gallagher The Examen Prayer

Fr. Timothy Gallagher OMV makes the Examen prayer of St.Ignatius Loyola accessible to everyone. This book shows just how important it can be to review each day in a prayerful way, and how much our lives can be transformed by this daily searching for where the Spirit of Christ is at work in ourselves, in others and in the world around us.





The Fifth Week by William O'Malley SJThe Fifth Week

Fr. William O’Malley’s The Fifth Week is an engaging introduction to the Society of Jesus and to Jesuit life. You will find here portraits of some of the most famous Jesuits of the past but also of those less well known but none the less remarkable. O’Malley also writes of his own life as a Jesuit, his story of struggles and joys providing an inspiring testimony of the richness of a Jesuit vocation.




God's Secret Agents by Alice HoggeGod's Secret Agents

In God’s Secret Agents Alice Hogge tells the gripping story of the Jesuit mission to England during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I. She captures the heroism and the humanity of the Jesuits involved, the courage of the Catholics they sought to serve. She brings alive the political and social world in which the beleaguered and sometimes desperate Catholic community struggled to survive.





God, where are you by Gerard W Hughes SJGod, Where are you?

God, Where are You? by Fr. Gerard W. Hughes SJ is a moving account of one man’s search for God. Gerry Hughes retraces the different paths that this search has taken him down, in his interior life and also in his active life as a Jesuit priest. To read this book is to be challenged to look beyond any narrow sense of who God is, to discover Him in and beyond all things.




The First Jesuits by John O'Malley SJThe First Jesuits

The First Jesuits by Fr. John O’Malley SJ is an exploration of the early history of the Society of Jesus. It is an inspiring account of how Ignatius and his early companions sought to ‘help souls’. O’Malley corrects the misconception that the Jesuits were primarily involved in countering the Reformation, and brings to the fore the ministry of the Spiritual Exercises and the pastoral practices that flowed from it. This is both a scholarly and very readable history.




Edmund Campion  by Evelyn WaughEdmund Campion

The great English novelist Evelyn Waugh has produced here what he called a ‘perfectly true story of heroism and holiness’. With all the skill of a great storyteller he draws the reader into the drama of Edmund Campion’s short but brilliant missionary life during the troubled times of the reign of Elizabeth I.





Contemplatives in Action Contemplatives in action

Frs William Barry SJ and Robert Doherty SJ explore in Contemplatives in Action those features of Jesuit Spirituality that make it distinctive. They identify a set of life-giving and creative tensions that run through Jesuit life. These they explore chapter by chapter, providing the reader with an insight into the Jesuit ‘way of proceeding’. This a challenging book that confidently affirms what it means to be a companion of Jesus and a brother of St. Ignatius in the world today.