What do I do next?

First Enquiries 

In this early stage of approach to the Society you will wish to come to know the Society; and the Society, represented by the Vocations Director, will wish to come to know you.

This stage of enquiry comes to an end when you decide either that the Jesuits are not for you, or that you  wish to make a formal application to the Society and this desire is confirmed by the Vocations Director.

During the stage of enquiry, the following are essential:

  • To establish a regular  pattern of prayer and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ
  • To read about the Jesuits, and in particular about St. Ignatius Loyola
  • To meet the Vocations Director on a number of occasions
  • To visit one or other Jesuit community
  • To do something that may lead you into a greater sense of freedom in regards to the possibility of vocation.