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If your life is a busy one, with many cares and concerns, then you would probably benefit from a time of quiet prayer and reflection.  You may find that you return home from a retreat in a more peaceful and consoled frame of mind.  
You may well just want time for yourself and your God.  Time to devote to prayer, tell your story to a retreat guide who is an open and accepting listener.  

When you come on retreat you may become aware of unresolved issues that stop you from being as happy or fruitful as you could be.  Many of us keep troubles, traumas and challenges at arm’s length with liberal doses of television, computers, work and other distractions.   On an individually guided retreat you leave television, telephone, computers, and other distractions aside to allow what is more important to surface.  

At St Beuno's we believe in a God who wants to show his love for each one of us.  Love is shown in an acceptance of who we are with our personality and our history.   We find that people who come on retreat invariably experience God in a positive way and return home lighter, rejuvenated, consoled, more confident in doing God's will. 

The retreat is above all a time of listening to God at work in the experiences of your daily life and in the prayer of the retreat. The director or retreat guide is also there primarily to be a listener and companion on your journey.

Retreat guide team: Renate Düllmann OP, Damian Jackson SJ, Paddy Rylands, Monika Chmelova, Gillian Goddard

What is expected on a retreat?

Time to Pray: Normally between three and five periods of private prayer a day - the length of which would vary according to what you feel comfortable with.

A Listening Ear: You will see your retreat-guide (director) for a daily meeting, usually taking between half and three-quarters of an hour. A second meeting is occasionally arranged if you are new to retreats.

Silence: Time between prayer periods is most profitably spent alone, in silence. Some walking or other exercise is usually helpful. The silence is not intended as an ascetical penance but to enable you to get in touch with what is deepest within. For a few days in the year it is good not to seek escape from yourself or God by filling our time with TV, computers, radio, mobile phones, chatter or the many other distractions of daily life. Don't rush to fill the space: doing nothing can be creative. Even if you do feel like talking, other retreatants might not, but may find it difficult to say so - please respect the silence of others on retreat.

Leisure Time: A certain amount of reading, listening to music, etc might well be helpful, it is best to discuss this with your retreat-guide. But if you find that you can't tear yourself away from a book, or are constantly looking for new insights, then its time to stop.

Be Creative: You may find that using art materials, clay, paint, pens or pencils is helpful to express yourself in a non-verbal way. St Beuno's has a well-stocked art room which it encourages retreatants to use.

Healthy lifestyle: A retreat is a good opportunity to take up a healthy lifestyle. Give yourself plenty of time for sleep. You probably will not need an alarm clock. Eat in moderation and avoid alcohol. Exercise the body - walking and fresh air are ideal. Many find fixing a flexible timetable for the day is helpful.

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Other weekend retreat dates 2016: 12-14 February, 26-28 February, 15-17 April, 22-24 April, 13-15 May, 3-5 June, 15-17 July, 12-14 August, 26-29 August, 2-4 September,7-9 October, 25-27 November, 2-4 December


Friday, January 29, 2016 - 18:00 to Sunday, January 31, 2016 - 15:30
St Beuno's
St Asaph
LL17 0AS
United Kingdom