What would Pope Francis do? New series of Lent talks from the Edinburgh Jesuit Centre

What Would Francis Do?

On March 19th, the feast of St Joseph, Pope Francis will mark eight years in office. Over that time, he has attempted to bring back to the Catholic church the energy and zeal which emerged from the Second Vatican Council. How far he has succeeded is the subject of the Edinburgh Jesuit Centre’s series of Lenten talks.

Six prominent thinkers, each an expert in their own field, will address different aspects of Francis’ tenure.

The series starts at 7.30 on Tuesday 23rd February when Austen Ivereigh - biographer of Pope Francis and catalyst of Francis’s latest book, ‘Let us Dream’ – will explore the Social Justice elements of his teaching. On subsequent Tuesdays, Imelda Poole IBVM, president of RENATE, will focus on Trafficking and Migration; James Martin SJ, LGBTQ+ issues; the Tablet’s Christopher Lamb, Francis and his Battle for Church Reform; Lorna Gold, of the Vatican Commission on the post-Covid world, on Ecology. The series will conclude on 30th March when theologian, Gemma Symmonds CJ, will talk on Women and the Church.

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