Where will God find you this July?

Image credit: John Bateson
Image credit: John Bateson

Now in its fourth year, the 31 days campaign by the Jesuits in Britain is returning for our 2019 edition. This is a series of 31 daily emails delivered to subscribers each day and available from the spirituality website Pathways to God, leading up to the feast of St Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, celebrated by the Jesuits and our friends all over the world.

Since 2016, the initiative has helped people to get to know more about the Jesuits, their works, and Ignatian Spirituality. From introducing the audience to the many works around the country, to learning to pray in Ignatian ways: the positive feedback and the possibility of engagement coming through it has guided us in continuing the project.

Among the comments received at the end of last year’s campaign, one of the subscribers told us that “It was lovely having something to follow, to share and keep the link for reference.” While another one wrote: “As a Jesuit, I have already been using this methodology, but it was wonderful to have it articulated clearly so that I could share it with various prayer groups.”

This year, the focus will be on Finding God in All Things. Each week we will look at a theme from the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius and use scripture and prayer to help you find God in moments of Conversion, Call, Challenge and Consolation.

Each of four main subjects will be treated by four different writers. After seven meditations, there will be a more general reflection, offering further resources to ponder on the theme of the session, and looking back at our experiences and thought with the help of the Examen, a review prayer.

The Scripture passages are taken from Nick King SJ’s bible translation, whereas the main image for 31 days 2019, a colourful portrait of St Ignatius, has generously been offered by the artist, John Bateson. This is a striking painting that beautifully fits with the desire to provide resources and spiritual nourishment to seek or rediscover God in our lives, no matter how varied and different they may look. The background of subscribers doesn’t matter, nor their level of familiarity with this type of reflections or prayer: we hope to attract subscribers in the hope to share rich material and prayer tools helpful for their own pathway to God.

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