Wimbledon Students participate in Faith Day

Wimbledon College. Photo credit: Peter O'Sullivan SJ
Wimbledon College. Photo credit: Peter O'Sullivan SJ
Last Friday, Wimbledon College held its Faith Day for the those in Rhetoric, the final year of Sixth Form. 
Wimbledon College holds faith days for sixth formers every year. Those in the Poetry, the first year of Sixth Form, had a day more focused on spirituality. Speakers presented topics to do with knowing oneself, prayer, our relationship with God and respecting others. Students were able to reflect on their lives, scripture, the Catholic faith, and the world around them.
In their second year of Sixth Form, the students in Rhetoric had a faith day more focused on responsibility and action for change in society, to provide opportunities to put faith into action; to show love more in deeds than in words. Speakers came from the Jesuit Refugee Service, Jesuit Missions, Citizens UK, Anthony Nolan, Depaul UK and others.
Students received talks on the refugee crisis, racial injustice in the UK, homelessness, human trafficking, the importance of blood and stem-cell donation, and enacting social change. 
As there were so many speakers and talks, not all of the students get to hear everything. So before lunchtime students formed groups to present on what they have heard to the rest of the year group. This allowed everyone to know what had been happening in all the talks throughout the day.
As this is their final year at Wimbledon College, Faith Day allowed the students to further grow in character and virtue, so they feel freer in fulfilling their potential as the unique people that they are.