Exhibition opening and talk: Farm St

Harsh Wind
Harsh Wind

A solo exhibition by Marguerite Horner

What is it we all cry out for when we are faced with trauma?

Marguerite Horner pondered this when visiting the first Calais Jungle around Christmas 2014 with a group gathered together by the Comboni nuns. They were going there on a humanitarian mission bringing donated clothes and food.

At the time the jungle was hardly known and few people were daring to visit, they went into the jungle wearing two coats so that they were able take one off and give it away to anyone looking cold or in need. Marguerite gave hers to a young boy hiding his face under a red scarf; it was a girls Primark coat, it was too small but still kept him warm.

Over the next few visits they took more clothes, shoes/trainers and food. Within a year the refugees were moved to another site, the world took notice and a small town grew.  But now that camp is demolished, and so refugees are reported to be camping out again in woods, just as they did in the first jungle camp.

At times of trauma, it is advised to take the mind away from the imagined fear of the future and stop dwelling unceasingly on the past. Both aspects of time we cannot change or affect, we can only deal with the present moment.
Sometimes, as an aid to bringing the mind back into the present reality, it helps to focus on what is around us, to really experience this current moment. In a similar way extreme beauty can arrest our attention and silence our thoughts in awe.
These moments of beauty we often see in natural phenomena; they seem to break through the stream of time and lift us into something outside of time, giving us a break from trauma and helping us recover ourselves to our self.

For this solo show ‘Keep me safe’ Marguerite Horner has painted images of her experience going to the first Calais Refugee Jungle .

At the exhibition opening Marguerite and her colleague Sr Natalia of the Comboni sisters, will give a talk about their experieinces in Calais (at 7.30pm)

If you wish to attend the opening event, for catering purposes please contact dominicrobinson@rcdow.org.uk (020)-7529-4802 to say you are coming.  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 18:45 to 21:30
Farm St Church Hall
Mount St
United Kingdom