J&F 100: Martyrs of El Salvador

After the killing of the Jesuits, the Pope was asked by Official Government sources to remove the Archbishop of San Salvador and many of the clergy, as his safety and that of priests involved in work in defence of the poor could not be guaranteed. His Holiness
declined to act on the request. Fr Kolvenbach who visited the Jesuits of El Salvador over Christmas, has reaffirmed his support for the Central American Province by appointing Fr. Paco Estrada as the new president of the University of Central America. Meanwhile fear is part of the daily lot of Salvadorans as the killing of innocent civilians goes on.

''The Blood of the Martyrs is the seed bed of the Church.''

Ignacio Ellacuria SJ  Ignacio Ellacuria SJ, 59

Born in the Basque region of Spain. Moved as a novice to the Central American Province, where he became a naturalised Salvadoran. He was for over ten years president of the Central American University, and well known for his theological books and articles. He acted on more than one occasion as mediator between the government and the rebels, being independent of both sides.



Amanda Lopez Quintana, SJ

Amanda Lopez Quintana SJ, 53

Amanda Lopez 53, Professor of theology at the University, and helper in parish work.  A close associate of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero. He held a doctorate in theology from the University of Strasbourg.



Joaquin Lopez y Lopez SJJoaquin Lopez y Lopez SJ, 71

Joaquin Lopez y Lopez 71, the only native Salvadoran among the murdered J suits. He was the national direct r of "Fey Alegria", an organisation which provides education for the poorest throughout Latin America.




Ignacio Martin-Baro SJIgnacio Martin-Baro SJ, 47

Ignacio Martin-Baro 47, was born in Valladolid in Spain he was Academic Vice-Rector of the University, and Director of the Psychology Department. He also spent his "spare" time ministering in a parish among the poor.



Segundo Montes Mozo SJSegundo Montes Mozo SJ, 56

Segundo Mozo 56, Superior of the community for five years. He was director of the Institute of Human Rights at the University, cooperating, with the Archdiocese of San Salvador in documenting atrocities in the country's civil war. Also professor of sociology and political science, he drew his strength from his work with ordinary people in the rural parish he regularly visited.


Juan Ramon Moreno Pardo SJJuan Ramon Moreno Pardo SJ, 56

Juan Ramon Moreno 56, a very busy man who worked as Professor of Theology in the University, was Assistant Director of the Romero Centre, Secretary to the Provincial, librarian at the Theological Library, and giver of the Exercises throughout Central America.


Elba Julia RamosElba Julia Ramos, 42






Celina Maricet RamosCelina Maricet Ramos, 26






(A Telex set to Father Kolvenbach by the Pope.)

Dear Father,
                  Pax Christi
On hearing of the horrible assassination in San Salvador of six Jesuit fathers I send you my deep feelings of pain. Sharing in the suffering of the whole Society of Jesus
and the relatives of the victims I pray to the Lord for their souls and implore that this sacrifice will not be in vain, rather that it will be the seed of fraternal love and harmony for the martyred country of El Salvador. 

John Paul II