Stonyhurst (in cake form) on TV

On Sunday 14th July, Stonyhurst College featured in the Channel 5 series, ‘The Wonderful World of Chocolate'. In the fourth episode, the cameras followed cake-maker Rosie Dummer (Rosie Cake Diva) as she crafted a beautiful chocolate cake replica of the college to celebrate the Great Academies weekend in the school’s 425th year, and showed aerial views of the college and surrounding countryside.

After completing a degree in architecture, Rosie became the army’s very first female helicopter pilot. After ten years, she retired from the army in order to have a family and, by accident, found herself in the world of cake-making, becoming a real artist in the field. Rosie has been featured in various magazines, was the winner of the Cake Masters Wedding Cake of the Year Award in 2012, and is a regular on TV and radio. She confesses she has difficulty in finding a link between the three professions she has embarked so far, but what is certain is that Rosie approaches every activity with energy and passion.

Her portfolio already boasts a number of impressive sugary creations: Fabergé eggs, Big Ben, and even a life-size brigadier guard, which was then eaten by a real-life brigadier guard. The Stonyhurst model, however, could be described as probably the biggest and certainly one of the most challenging projects that Rosie has worked on to date. In addition to the intricate details and the size of the construction, Rosie and her team faced the challenge of transporting the finished product to the school and then up to the main hall safe and sound, with no lift available. The huge cake measured 6ft across, weighed a whopping 100kg and featured 5 towers, 38 windows and thousands of bricks.

Rosie Dummer cutting the Stonyhurst cake

The pupils of Stonyhurst St Mary's Hall were asked to create confectionery models of themselves. 86 original figures were positioned in front of the majestic chocolate building. “I genuinely think this is brilliant,” Rosie commented on the initiative. “They are going to have their own little school photo of their edible figures outside the front of the college.”

After presenting the cake to amazed pupils, staff members and alumni, the first cut was soon made and then everyone could taste a slice of the college. One of the students commented: “If you ever had a brick of Stonyhurst, that is what it would taste like: very chocolatey and vintage.”

You can catch up on the programme (episode 4) on Channel 5 website.