Jesuit Missions helps empower the Yanadi people of Andhra Pradesh

Rat hunters and labourers - the Yanadi live a subsistence life working very hard for very little. Once a semi-nomadic people, many have been resettled into permanent villages by the Indian government. 

Cut-off from their nomadic roots and with no choice but to work menial jobs, the Yanadi have become a marginalised people who suffer daily discrimination because of their low economic status.

Jesuit Missions is providing significant financial support to a new project which is helping the Yanadi improve their economic status.

The ‘Livelihood Skill Development Program’ is run by the Village Reconstruction Organisation (VRO) and provides Yanadi men, women and children with new skills so they can earn a better wage.  

Tailoring, embroidery, basket-weaving, book-keeping, electrical skills – these are some of the courses currently on offer. An impressive 44 women tailors who passed last year are now earning an average income of 4,000 Rupees (£42) in a season.

So far, 65 people have been trained. These new skills are underpinned by sessions on leadership and community mobilisation. This helps engender confidence in those participating.

Jesuit Missions is thrilled to be a part of this wonderful project helping the Yanadi. We look forward to sharing more news with our supporters about the impact it is having!