Lockdown blues? Try our Men’s Online Retreat

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Men’s Online Retreat 2020  “Gone Fishing” The weekend of July 3-5

By Stephen Hoyland

For the first month of lockdown, and to some extent still, I have felt distinctly unable to do my usual work and have felt less useful to the world - and as an unhelpful consequence, of less worth.  I personally haven’t had the extra burden of having to worry about food on the table, but during the pandemic, some have had financial worries too. 

In the fifth chapter of the gospel of Luke we read one version of Jesus’ first encounter with Simon – who would become Peter. Simon has had a bad night.  The one thing he’s supposed to be able to do, he has been frustratingly unable to do: catch fish. It might not have been due to a lack of skill on that occasion but perhaps he still felt something of that uselessness that failure often brings. The lack of fish might well have meant lack of food for the family that day, or certainly a more precarious existence until the next successful catch.  He probably wasn’t feeling great about his mastery of the lake and may have been anxious for his family. 

Jesus enters Simon’s world and stays in the boat until there is something in the net. I’m intrigued by that Jesus who sits alongside Simon and is not afraid to challenge him to try something new. “Try the other side Simon” and later, when relief has come (the family will eat this week) there’s another challenge, surely delivered with a touch of humour: “Fancy catching something else Simon?” Not on his own, no. Alongside? Maybe that’s worth putting out into the deep and casting a hopeful net.

A weekend retreat is being offered to any man wondering if Jesus has any surprises up his sleeve for them.

The time commitment for the weekend is as follows: 

  • Friday 3rd July 8pm – 9pm; 
  • Saturday 10am – 12noon; and 8pm – 9pm; 
  • Sunday 3pm.  

We’ll also give you something to do on your own on the Saturday so you will need some space that day too. (This might get you out of mowing the lawn.)

To register interest and receive the zoom link for the weekend, email St Beuno’s at info@beunos.com explaining that you would like to join the men’s online retreat.  And we hope to see you on the 3rd.