Jesuit Refugee Service UK speaks out against deportation of asylum seekers ahead of Brexit deadline

Asylum seekers are among those being deported from the UK this week, in a bid by the British government to beat the Brexit negotiation deadline.

Sarah Teather, director of Jesuit Refugee Service UK, said: “Under cover of Covid and the rush for Brexit, the government is subjecting survivors of trafficking and torture to brutal treatment.”

“Skipping sections of your own due process to avoid listening to details of trafficking that would require a more careful approach to the person in front of you is staggeringly cynical.”

Sarah and her team are representing eight vulnerable asylum seekers due to be deported this week. Of the Home Office, Sarah said: “They’ve been told this practice is unacceptable by the high court, yet they continue to rush people through the process regardless, perhaps safe in the knowledge that the most vulnerable and traumatised asylum seekers are struggling to access legal advice in detention right now. It demonstrates a complete disregard for human life and it is a shameful episode.”

You can read more about this in an article published in the Observer, which is also available on the Guardian website here.