The Politics of the Land - join us for this free online symposium

An online symposium exploring questions of land use, land rights and rural transition for indigenous peoples in dialogue with Pope Francis' encyclical Fratelli Tutti.

Modern life consists in an encounter between the local and the global. In his recent encyclical Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis set forth his vision for this encounter. “We need to pay attention to the global so as to avoid narrowness and banality”, he writes. And yet, “we also need to look to the local, which keeps our feet on the ground”. Only by holding these in creative tension with one another can we be prevented from “falling into one of two extremes” (Fratelli Tutti, paragraph 141).

This delicacy of this tension is nowhere more evident than in the topical issue of land rights and land governance in Asia. What sort of global or national interests are encroaching on indigenous people’s land, forests and waterways? How can government policies be developed from the perspective of social justice and people’s response to dispossession of land? How can issues of social identity, culture, livelihood and food security be examined through a study of land reform?

In February 2021, the Laudato Si’ Research Institute will host a two-day colloquium to explore these questions in light of the teaching of Fratelli Tutti.

The colloquium will bring together academics and practitioners working in the field to provide a dynamic and contemporary analysis of the situation. There will be a special focus on the situation in India as a case-study to inform our thinking about solidarity with the “cry of the poor” and the “cry of the Earth”, and to generate new calls to action.

What?   An online colloquium for academics and a general audience
When?  Thursday 11 February – Friday 12 February 2021, 13.00-15.00 GMT
Who?    Contributions from academics, Catholic leaders and regional indigenous people
Why?    An opportunity to consider the application of Fratelli Tutti to the politics of land in Asia

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